What EnerLogic® 70 Does for Your Commercial Building

EnerLogic® 70 low-e commercial window film provides year-round insulation to existing windows. It gives an existing single-pane window the insulating performance of a dual-pane window, and provides an existing dual-pane window with the insulating performance of a triple-pane window.


Commercial building energy savings projected using the U.S. Department of Energy’s DOE-2 program, from a representative sample of building sizes, climates, and existing window types.

Maintains uniform exterior aesthetic

Unlike many traditional low-e window films, EnerLogic 70 provides a visible light transmittance of up to 70%. It offers a clear view that doesn’t change the look of existing glass from the inside or the outside. It provides a uniform appearance without significantly darkening the windows or adding shine.

Reduces glare while preserving views

Commercial window film reduces glare while still allowing controlled natural light into a space. Because it does this so effectively, blinds, shades, and curtains can often be left open to let in daylight and enjoy views to the outdoors without negatively influencing the ability to read or see computer monitors.

Blocks harmful UV rays

If the sun’s UV rays aren’t controlled, they can cause damage. UV rays can fade furniture, wall-coverings, artwork, fabric, flooring, and merchandise in window displays. Sunburns are also caused by UV rays, according to the American Cancer Society. Even on cloudy days, harmful UV radiation can enter through your building’s windows to damage assets and your skin.

Saves energy year-round

Unlike other solar-control only commercial window tint, EnerLogic 70 keeps solar heat gain out during summer and helps keep radiant heat in during winter. Based on computer modeling using U.S. Department of Energy software, building owners and managers may expect savings from commercial window tinting with EnerLogic film that are up to three times higher than what traditional higher light transmission films offer. Utility bills and HVAC loads and run times may likewise be reduced in winter, spring, summer, and fall, resulting in ongoing energy cost savings of up to 10% annually.

Decreases temperature fluctuations

Owners know that occupant comfort leads to higher productivity and tenant satisfaction. By reducing solar heat gain and providing better window insulation, hot and cold spots can be reduced. EnerLogic 70 reflects up to 91% of radiant heat in winter, helping to keep indoor temperatures warm in winter. Computer simulations confirm what occupants can feel, EnerLogic 70 gives existing single-pane windows the same year-round performance as dual-pane, transforming poorly insulated windows into energy-efficient windows. Because commercial window tint prevents excess heat from entering through windows in summer, HVAC systems may operate more efficiently to cool spaces.

Offers fast return on investment

EnerLogic 70 is a fraction of the cost to install compared to new commercial windows (and its installation is much less disruptive). Because of the energy savings this low-e commercial film provides, facilities professionals may expect to see a full return on their investment in five years or less – a 20% annual return on investment. It lowers initial costs and environmental impact without compromising energy efficiency or visibility.