The Clear Choice in Energy Savings

EnerLogic® 70 window film, also called window tint, is an energy saving solution you’ll forget is there. Your view will be similar to before you had film installed, but even crisper, because the nearly clear EnerLogic 70 film has the highest visible light transmission of the two EnerLogic films. EnerLogic is known for. In cold weather, even multi-pane windows allow warmth to escape from your home. Window tinting with EnerLogic film helps keep radiant heat inside your home to increase comfort and decrease wasted energy. It’s the only window film of its type that can provide heating savings in cold-weather climates – up to 10% on single-pane windows!


There’s never been an easier way to upgrade your windows and reduce energy consumption in your home.


Benefits of Home Window Tinting with EnerLogic 70 Film

  • Nearly invisible window film
  • Lowers heating and cooling bills
  • Quick, mess-free professional installation
  • Year-round energy cost savings
  • Protects people, flooring, artwork, and furniture from harmful UV rays
  • Reduces glare


Projected energy savings have been calculated using RESFEN software for homes with clear, single-pane windows.