Frequently asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between EnerLogic® 35 and Enerlogic® 70 window films?
A: EnerLogic 35 is lower in cost than EnerLogic 70 and the color is slightly darker. Things to consider when selecting the right film are the window tint cost and where in your home the film will be applied. Please contact a certified EnerLogic dealer to learn which film will best meet your needs.
Q: Does EnerLogic® window film help reduce the heat in sunny rooms?
A: Yes, EnerLogic film reflects heat and solar energy back to the source to help reduce heat in those sunny rooms.
Q: Can EnerLogic® window film help reduce the glare on my television and computer screens?
A: Yes. Rooms fitted with EnerLogic window film see a substantial reduction in screen glare from computers, televisions, and other reflective services, resulting in reduced eyestrain and fatigue.
Q: Can EnerLogic® window film be installed on odd-shaped windows?
A: Yes. EnerLogic® installation professionals cut window film specifically for each individual frame. That means a custom fit for every window.
Q: Do EnerLogic® window films require special care or cleaning?
A: Yes. EnerLogic Window Film products are unique in composition compared to all other window films. They require special care to avoid permanent damage to surface coatings. Should any cleaning be necessary, wait at least two weeks after installation before doing so. Learn more:
Q: Can I install EnerLogic window film myself?
A: No. EnerLogic film can only be installed by a trained and certified installer. Although applying EnerLogic window film may seem simple, it’s really just our highly trained window film dealers that make it look easy.