Marriott Hotel | Winston-Salem, North Carolina

January 18, 2014
Commercial Case Study

Marriott Hotel - Winston-Salem, NC


The Marriott in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has always operated with the comfort of its guests as a priority. One aspect of guestroom comfort that the hotel’s managers couldn’t fully control, however, was the blazing summer sun streaming into the building’s windows. Even operating at full capacity, the building’s HVAC systems could sometimes only cool the sunniest rooms down to 78°F, and more than a few guests indicated this was too warm.


The building’s owners contacted the local Vista™ window film dealer in the hopes of controlling the sun. EnerLogic® 35 window insulating film proved to be the best solution. Its low-e capabilities help keep solar heat from entering rooms in hot weather and help prevent radiant warmth from escaping during cold weather. The net result is more constant interior temperatures plus energy savings, UV protection, and reduced glare—all without a dark, tinted appearance. The film’s quick installation time made it easy for crews to service rooms between check-out and check-in. As a result, nearly 800 windows were covered in about 10 days without disruptions to bookings.



Kevin Grass, a LEED AP and principal in the investment group that owns the property, affirms that “the comfort level of our guests has improved. We were getting a lot of complaints from guests about being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. With the EnerLogic film installed, those complaints are now gone.” From an HVAC standpoint, their same mechanical systems can now achieve an interior cooling temperature of 72°F, even in rooms that were once the hottest. According to Grass, management’s primary goal was to enhance guestroom comfort; however, they’ve also enjoyed the additional benefit of energy savings. Annual heating and cooling costs are expected to drop 5%, with corresponding savings in excess of $24,000. Projected payback for the project: just over three years. Ultimately, the hotel’s owners discovered EnerLogic film to be an excellent alternative to replacement windows, providing a comparable enhancement in performance, but with cleaner installation and more rapid payback.


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