White papers

This white paper provides detailed information about the performance claims and how they were measured.

Window film was found to be the most cost-effective energy saving choice for Californians when used in retrofit applications in homes and buildings, according to the non-profit International Window Film Association in an independent analysis performed by ConSol. The study compared installing window film on existing structures in California to other traditional energy saving techniques such as updating HVAC systems, air sealing and caulking. Window film stood out as an energy savings winner.

For the first time ever, a large-scale study measured the direct energy savings from window film installation. The results confirmed that EnerLogic® window film is a green solution that can effectively save energy, reduce costs and improve occupant comfort.

Energy saving films are increasingly being used worldwide to lower building energy costs by reducing excessive solar heat gain through windows. This paper highlights the comparative cost savings per dollar invested for retrofit of existing windows with energy saving window film compared to window replacement with new solar-control low-e windows.